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Personal Mythology
Discovering the Guiding Stories of Your Past—
Creating a Vision for Your Future

Revised Third Edition

by David Feinstein, Ph.D., and Stanley Krippner, Pd.D.
Introduction by Jean Houston, Ph.D.

Best Books 2007 National Award:
Best Psychology Book

A remarkable 12-week program that will teach you how to tap into deep sources of wisdom and find greater fulfillment in these challenging times

Personal Mythology is a powerful antidote for modern lives caught in the disorienting grip of a world in turmoil. This newly expanded and updated edition brings to you a highly successful seminar that has been evolving for more than three decades. An engaging book/CD "workshop," it is being assigned as homework by a growing number of psychotherapists and used to structure meetings in numerous men's and women's groups, recovery programs, and other settings where people are committed to deep personal change.

Your personal mythology—comprised of beliefs and motivations that operate largely outside your conscious awareness—is the internal guidance system that shapes your journey. The more effective your guiding mythology, the better equipped you are to meet the challenges your life presents.

• Become less bound by the grip of outmoded patterns from your childhood and your culture
• Recognize crises of faith, courage, and identity as calls for renewal in your personal mythology
• Cultivate a vision that empowers you and nurtures your finest qualities
• Explore your dynamic role in your culture's evolving mythology
• Foster your appreciation of humanity's larger story
• Embark upon a spiritually attuned journey of self discovery

Best New Age Nonfiction Book